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Кижи логотип

Гостеприимный остров Кижи зимой / Hospitable Kizhi Island in winter

Excursion program “Hospitable Kizhi Island”

Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful places in Karelia and see the magnificent island of Kizhi. Wooden monuments created by unknown carpenters three hundred years ago still remain a miracle of art and a unique masterpiece of engineering. But the true mystery is that this chef-d’oeuvre of workmanship seems to be not of human making. The heart of the island is Kizhi Pogost. It was listed as World Heritage Site along with Moscow Kremlin and the Old Town of Saint-Petersburg. Kizhi Pogost impersonates the summit of Russian traditional architecture and has been recognized one of the world’s biggest and most complicated wooden structures.
Program includes transfer on the hoovercraft, excursion with audio guide and tea drinking with the national bakery.
Duration of the program – 6 hours.


категория цена
Взрослые (на иностр. яз./под перевод) 4200 руб.
Дети до 16 лет (на иностр./под перевод) 3800 руб.

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