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Кижи логотип

Program “The welcoming Kizhi Island” (with audioguide in English, Finnish, French and Chinese) / «Гостеприимный остров Кижи» (с аудиогидом на русском и иностранных языках)

“The welcoming Kizhi Island”  / «Гостеприимный остров Кижи»

The program gives you an opportunity to make your own trip through the main exhibition with the museum audio guide. You will get acquainted with the gem of Russian wooden architecture the Kizhi architectural ensemble of unique multidome churches. You will see the icons in the Church of the Intercession, visit the house of a Zaonezhie farmer of the 19th century and learn how the country people lived at that time. The program includes the transfer from Petrozavodsk city to the Island of Kizhi and back and the tour around the main exhibition with the museum audio guide in English and Finnish. After the program we invite our guests to have a cup of tea with traditional Karelian pies and tell them about the local tea-drinking traditions.

The program includes:

• Transfer «Petrozavodsk — Kizhi — Petrozavodsk»
• Entrance fee
• Museum audio guide
• Potluck with national pastry

Duration (including the transfer): ~ 6 hours (360 min)

Подробное описание в разделе "Афиша" на сайте музея.


категория цена
Взрослые (с аудиогидом на рус. и иностр. яз.) 4300 руб.
Дети до 16 лет (с аудиогидом на иностр./под перевод) 3900 руб.

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