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The year 2013 anticipates the future of the Kizhi Museum in many ways. The unique experience of restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration has proven the efficiency of the methods used. Serious efforts were made for the Conception of the Kizhi Museum Development during the past year. This Conception will set breakthrough standards for the museum. The collaboration with UNESCO on development of the WHS MP grew very active.

Russian and international experts of UNESCO missions have repeatedly approved the highest quality of restoration on Kizhi Island and mentioned the necessity of using this experience in training of restorers in wooden architecture. Now this sector is short of qualified experts. The Museum Carpenter centre participates in restoration of the monuments on Kizhi Island, and they study and use traditional crafts and technologies known by local inhabitants. The WHS MP stipulates as one of the priorities the establishment of a Training centre for Preservation and Restoration of Monuments of Wooden Architecture in 2014 (MP Chapter 10.2.5) based on the Museum Carpenter Centre.

The Museum is also developing a proposal for establishing the Department of UNESCO for Study and Preservation of Wooden Architecture (in collaboration with the Petrozavodsk State University). The purpose of this Department is training not only the restorers who will continue the study and preservation of Kizhi Museum monuments, but also those extremely needed in other parts of Russia and Karelia. Academician Mr.Orphinsky, a Full Member of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, researcher of wooden architecture, will head this Department.

These results are extremely important for the museum and they were achieved thanks to a very organized collaboration with UNESCO, Ministry of Culture of RF, state authorities, researchers, independent experts, non-governmental organizations and inhabitants of Zaonezhie.

The preparation for the celebration of the 300-year anniversary of the Church of the Transfiguration is already getting very active. This is a very prominent event for Russian and World Culture Calendar, and it will popularize the Cultural Heritage of Kizhi Island as well as the UNESCO activities on preservation of the landscapes and monuments on this unique island.

Deputy-Director of the Kizhi Museum Mr. Dimitry Lugovoy
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