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In North Karelia the idea was to create a mobile guiding system which adjusts customer’s needs. Services were made as technology neutral and flexible as possible by using open–source technologies. It is not acceptable that services involve too complex technical installations that are time consuming, costly and technically complex. The main idea of those services has been that adequate scope of information should be reached by potential traveller/customer through suitable functional distribution channels before, during and after a trip. That’s way content should produce at the same time to the internet and mobile devices.

Mobile guides as an event guide: first testing platform of that kind of service was the music festival event guide, Ilosaarirock Mobile Guide. Ilosaarirock Mobile Guide was (and will be also in summer 2012) an offline smartphone application for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platforms, and has got over 8000 downloads.

Multimodal experience services of mobile guides were created to support the authentic interpretation of cultural and historically interesting resorts. They offer new kinds of experiences for visitors and create a sustainable way to utilise the rich cultural and natural heritage. An example of that kind of service is Hattuvaara Mobitrail, which represent culturally and historically interesting sites of Hattuvaara village in Ilomantsi [1] .

Business model of mobile guides in North Karelia: reasonable guidance services was deemed to belong to the same series with marketing costs; if you want to succeed in business, those services just have.

// XVI Ежегодная международная научно-практическая конференция АДИТ–2012
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