Tove Wefald Pedersen (Oslo, Norway)
Digital accessibility of cultural heritage – trends and development in Norway VkontakteFacebook

Experiences and trends in digitization and online accessibility of cultural heritage in Norwegian museums:

In recent years, museums have opened their collections online, and seek dialogue about cultural heritage with the public in a completely different way than before. On the internet the public can access catalogs and collections of cultural heritage, both nationally and internationally. There is an increasing focus on transparency in the use and sharing of digital material.

Strategies for digital collection development at Norsk Folkemuseum:

The use of digital technology in collection management, collection development and accessibility is constantly being developed further. What are Norsk Folkemuseums strategies in this field? What are the opportunities and challenges?

// XVI Ежегодная международная научно-практическая конференция АДИТ–2012
Интернет-публикация 2012.

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