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The age of granite basement of Zaonezhie is more than three billion years. Gradually the primordial ocean deposits (limestone and dolomite) accumulated on it. The deposits are found in different parts of Zaonezhie peninsula including Yuzhny Oleney island situated 8 km from Kizhi Island. These rocks have some evidence of the activity of the first organisms on the planet – the primitive algae. It inhabited coastal waters of the primordial ocean two billion years ago. The algae formed calcareous units in the shape of balls (on-colites) and in the form of fingers (stromatolites). A calcareous horizon is called “Jatuly”.

The next geological horizon (“ludikovy”) was formed about two billion years ago. This horizon contains the unique shunghite rocks of various carbon content. There might be shunghites proper comprising 2698 % of carbon, shunghite rocks with 625 % of carbon and shungite-bearing shale rocks, limestones, dolomites, calcareous tuffs and lydites comp-rising 0,1–5,0 % of carbon.

One of the unique properties of this mineral is its ability to shield electromagnetic waves. At present shunghite is used to make wall panels for construction industry. These wonderful heat insulators are light and strong. The shunghite is also used as one of com-ponents for water filters and various ointments, creams and other cosmetics.

It was found out that Zaonezhie peninsula (in 40 km from Kizhi) is rich in uranium-vanadium deposits. The deposits were investigated but they have not been developed. The life is not endangered because the deposits are insulated with thick glacial sediment. But at the same time, some boulders here have higher rate of radiation. That’s why it is not recommended to pick up minerals and stones in Zaonezhie. According to environ-mental monitoring, the level of background radiation in Kizhi ranges from 4 uR/hr (in marsh) up to 13 uR/hr (in rocks), which is lower maximum safe limits.

What is geological structure of the island of Kizhi? How did the island originate? For more information see Information poster №4.[текст с сайта музея-заповедника "Кижи":]

// Ecological path of the Island of Kizhi
Y.Protasov, R.Martyanov, A.Korosov
Музей-заповедник «Кижи». Петрозаводск. 2008. 24 с.

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