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January 01 — December 31, 2013 (only upon request)
Exhibition Hall of the Exhibition Centre (Petrozavodsk)

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Virtual tour of the island of KizhiVirtual tour of the island of Kizhi

With the help of Internet technologies together with the guide of the museum visitors can make a walk along the island of Kizhi, enter the house of the Karelian peasant; participate in games, puzzles and riddles. Exciting tour presents the culture and the Russians of Zaonezhie and the Karelians of Pryazha District, with history and architecture of Kizhi.

Duration: 45—50 min.


Virtual tour (for a group up to 25 people) — 200 roubles.

address:10a, Kirov sq. Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia, 185001
tel.:(814-2) 79-98-09
Contacts:Kireenko Zlata, Nozhenko Marina

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