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Дата: 3 сентября — 6 сентября 2018Google-календарь
Место: Инфоцентр (Петрозаводск)

1st informational letter

Kizhi State Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography invites you to participate in the II Scientific and Research Forum «Systematic approach to conservation of wooden architecture monuments» that will take place on 3–6 September, 2018. The Forum comprises a Conference «Volunteer movement — practical assistance in wooden architecture conservation» and a Seminar «Volunteers and wooden architecture». The main themes are the methodologies, policies, and practical issues of volunteer participation in conservation of the unique layer of the Russian cultural heritage which is wooden architecture monuments.

Currently Kizhi Museum is managing 80 cultural heritage monuments, and plays the leading roles in conservation and research of folk architecture monuments. There is an ongoing restoration of the Transfiguration Church (1714) which is a church with 22 cupolas recognized as the pearl of Kizhi architectural ensemble, inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The museum is actively engaged in training of carpenters, restorers, volunteers, and architects to master traditional crafts technologies, and modern methods of emergency prevention and conservation.From 2014 there is a Training center successfully working in the museum. On 2017 the first Russian ICCROM course on Conservation and restoration of wooden architecture was organized. Museum experts are frequently involved with support of volunteer movement, providing methodological and practical support to the participants of the project «Common work. Revival of the Northern wooden churches», the project has been running for over 10 years.

Rescuing of the priceless monuments of folk architecture which is sometimes located in remote and scarcely populated areas of our country is possible only if all stakeholders unite their forces — building owners, museum experts, professional restorers, local communities, experts in cultural heritage protection. An important role in this work is played by volunteers. They need to have specific knowledge and skills so that emergency prevention works, renovation or restoration would be conducted in accordance with cultural heritage protection policy and with consideration of technology.

The Conference «Volunteer movement — practical assistance in conservation of wooden architecture» will take place on 3–4 September 2018 in Petrozavodsk and on Kizhi Island.

The Conference will cover the following issues:

On Kizhi Island participants will learn about conservation of wooden architecture monuments, they will visit the restoration site of the Transfiguration Church (1714) — the pearl of the Kizhi ensemble with 22 cupolas, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The practical Seminar «Volunteers and wooden architecture» which will continue the conference program will introduce to the volunteers the main techniques of working on monuments, traditional carpentry tools, and allow them sharing the experience and meeting like-minded people. The Seminar will take place on 4–6 September, 2018 on Kizhi Island. NUMBER OF SEMINAR PARTICIPANTS IS LIMITED!

We are inviting representatives of Russian and international volunteer groups and organizations, museum experts, monument conservation experts, restorers and architects, students and postgraduate students of relevant studies in universities and colleges.

Working languages of the conference: Russian and English.

Forms of participation in the Forum:

Meeting place for Conference and Seminar participants: Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia). You can reach Petrozavodsk by train (direct trains from Moscow, Murmansk, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk) or by plane from Moscow (Domodedovo airport).
Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the forum participants.

Draft program

3 September 2018
Opening of the Forum.Plenary session of the Conference «Volunteer movement — practical assistance in conservation of wooden architecture», Petrozavodsk.
4 September 2018
Joint work day of the Conference and the Seminar. On-site meeting on Kizhi Island. Petrozavodsk — Kizhi — Petrozavodsk.
5 September 2018
Seminar «Volunteers and wooden architecture». Practical sessions, round-table discussions, tours on Kizhi Island.
6 September 2018
Seminar «Volunteers and wooden architecture». Practical sessions, round-table discussions. Closing of the Forum. Kizhi Island — Petrozavodsk.

Accommodation of Conference participants

On Kizhi Island accommodation of Seminar participants is arranged in the accommodation premises of Kizhi Museum, and nearby guest houses. More detailed information on prices and terms of accommodation will be given in the II Information letter. Hotels in Petrozavodsk (if needed) are booked by the Forum participants. Information about hotels can be found on the website: http://www.101hotels.ru/main/cities/petrozavodsk. In case you encounter any difficulties when booking a hotel or for detailed information please contact the Conference Steering committee.

Participation fee

Conference participation (September 3–4 th, 2018) — 3 500 RUB.
Plenary meeting of the Conference — FREE OF CHARGE
Seminar participation (September 4–6 th, 2018) — 4 000 RUB.
Conference and Seminar participation (September 3–6 th, 2018) — 4 500 RUB.
Applications for participation (Annex 1) are forwarded to the Steering committee email: derevo@kizhi.karelia.ru marked «Forum Wooden Architecture Conservation» before June 30 th, 2018.
Abstracts (1–2 pages) should be forwarded to the Steering committee email: derevo@kizhi.karelia.ru before July 1 st, 2018. The Steering committee replies with an invitation to the conference or rejection reasons.

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting Conference participation applications — 30.06.2018.
Deadline for submitting Seminar participation applications — 30.06.2018.
Deadline for submitting report abstracts — 1.07.2018.
Confirmation of including reports in the Conference program — 15.07.2018.
Deadline for payment of participation fee — 31.08.2018.

Contacts for inquires:
Alexander Liubimtsev, Co-chairman of the Steering committee Tel: +7 (8142) 799 815; +7 (8142) 535 719 (Kizhi Island); a.lubimtsev@mail.ru

Margarita Kisternaya, Co-chairman of the Steering committee Tel: +7 (8142) 799 886; +7 (8142) 535 719 (Kizhi Island); kisternaya@kizhi.karelia.ru Information will be posted on the Kizhi Museum website: http://kizhi.karelia.ru

Useful links: Kizhi Museum http://kizhi.karelia.ru Petrozavodsk Tourist Information Center http://www.visitpetrozavodsk.ru/

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