Geska Helena Brecevic (Stockholm, Sweden)
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New audiovisual structures have been established by the means of digital technology, enabling effective distribution channels, simplified production forms and new tools.

As facilitators and creators of digital media productions in various fields – ranging from commercial computer game development, advertising media services and event marketing to art productions of video installations as well as performance and dance involving media, Performing Pictures has experienced digital media in different contexts.

Geska Helena Brecevic, Co–Director of Performing Pictures, will make a visual presentation of a range of projects which use ICT for the recording, display and interpretation of cultural heritage. In her presentation, she will highlight functional information covering the design, development and implementation of ideas and their solutions, and give thoughtful suggestions for alternative applications within the cultural heritage sector.

Projects to be presented stretches over a wide range; from interactive peep–boxes which aim to stimulate young museum visitors’ interest in the motif of the old master’s paintings, over venerative artifacts such as interactive shrines and solar–powered chapels bringing life to the appearance of saints and apparitions, to an interactive drink quiz and film installation for the Swedish Museum of Spirits.

Performing Pictures originates as an artist entity within an applied science research institute. Performing Pictures produces media as well as ''media artifacts'' for public spaces and exhibitions. Commissioned work ranges from consultancy to complete productions.[текст с сайта музея-заповедника "Кижи":]

Throughout the years we have developed a niched set of competences within the areas of video play out and interaction. We have developed our own softwares to support our work and we have had user cases running permanently in museums and art halls. Our work has rendered unique methodologies, both conceptual and technological, for bringing new life into historical records such as paintings and photographies [1] .

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