Aarno Savolainen, Petri Raivo (Joensuu, Finland), Timo Rui (Finland)
Multimodal based virtual guiding: a case of North Karelia, Finland VkontakteFacebook

World is moving forward towards a more powerful leisure- and entertainment–centred social reality, where economic activity aiming at productization of experiences – so called experience industry – is becoming one of the most significant fields of activity. Being a part of the creative economy, experience industry introduces a totally new concept of productization based on culture, media and tourism stories, as well as on their phenomenal experiencing by means of new interactive technology.

In North Karelia the idea was to create a mobile guiding system which adjusts customer''s needs. Services were made as technology neutral and flexible as possible by using open–source technologies. The idea was to build the services as a combination of web–based media, mobile technology and geographic information. The relevant information was delivering directly to the visitors'' mobile phones at the right time, based on the visitor''s location.

First testing platform of product was the music festival event guide (Ilosaarirock Mobile Guide) in summer 2011. Besides this a pilots were created to the support the authentic interpretation of culturally and historically interesting site of Hattuvaara village in Ilomantsi (Hattuvaara MobiTrail) in order to deep the experience related local orthodoxy heritage and military history.

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