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The aim of the work is to put the materials of the archaeological researches made by the authors during 1995–2011 into scientific use. The researches were made in the Southern Zaonezhie: in the southern part of the Zaonezhie peninsula and on the islands of the Kizhi archipelago. The authors succeeded in finding 60 archaeological sites. 20 of them were excavated, and their excavation area was from 34 to 256 square meters (the excavation area of 14 sites was more than 88 square meters).

The authors used the method of a total exploration survey of the territory followed by a selective study of some archaeological sites that together represent all known Mesolithic – Eneolithic archaeological cultures.

The researches determined the main stages of the Zaonezhie culture development. The Early Metal Period complexes were found. They belong to Obonezhie Mesolithic culture, Neolithic culture with sperring ceramics, pit–comb and comb–pit ceramics and Eneolithic culture with rhomb–pit and asbestos ceramics.

It was marked that the region was most developed in Mesolithic and Late Neolithic periods. There are also some Early Neolithic and Eneolithic monuments but few in number.

In the course of researching the authors different iated the sites discovered in the region. They marked out 37 all–the–year–round settlements situated mainly on the shores of the Zaonezhie peninsula in Ybzhmariklia bay and Lake Kopanets area. They studied the remains of the Mesolithic sites: Vozhmarikha 2 and 3, and Late Neolithic site Vozhmarikha 4. They also succeeded in exploring 24 transitory sites located mainly on elevated parts of small rocky islands near the mainland shore. There are some traces indicating that these sites were visited by ancient people many times.[текст с сайта музея-заповедника "Кижи":]

In general, the archaeological monuments of Southern Zaonezhie should be considered in the overall context of the study of Lake Onega basin antiquities. Local ancient cultures have beenn developed under the common patterns and processes that took place in the territory of Obonezhie and Eastern Fennoskandia.

// Древние поселения южного Заонежья (мезолит — энеолит)
Музей-заповедник «Кижи». Петрозаводск. 2013. 409 с.

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