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Архитектура Деревянное зодчество Кижи Кижский погост Преображенская церковь

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The Kizhi architectural ensembleThe Kizhi architectural ensemble – 2008

The Kizhi architectural ensemble is known all around the world.It is situated on one of the numerous islands of Lake Onego.

As it was traditional for northern parishes, the ensemble consists of two churches, i. e. the summer church (the Church of the Transfiguration, built in 1714), the winter church (the Church of the Intercession, built in 1694, rebuilt in 1764) as well as the bell tower (built in 1862, rebuilt in 1874) and the wall (the stone wall was built in 1800, the log wall was reconstructed in 1959).

There are many traditional wooden ensembles which were built as the centres of administrative units in Northern Russia. But the beauty of the Kizhi multidomed churches is unsurpassed.

The existing ensemble was gradually formed during a 250-year period (from 1694 to 1959). Every new century made its contribution in its development and its present appearance was formed when the log wall was reconstructed. Nowadays, this unique architectural ensemble is the only one preserved in Russia of those ensembles which were created on the basis of «two multi-domed churches» principle.

// Metamorphoses of the century
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