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Working out new ecological tours in the reserved zone of the museum it is almost impossible to create "purely natural" tour since the itinerary includes architecture monuments, historical settlements and other objects of cultural landscape. It would be strange to hold back these objects. Therefore the new excursion developed by Department of preservation and monitoring of natural heritage, includes information not only about nature of the archipelago, but also ethnographic articles, that is why the new tour is called "Kizhi archipelago:nature and a human".

For the present moment the tour is available to those visitors who have water transport, but in the future the museum plans to organize such tours by own strength, including water passages.

The Gryz Island

The tour begins on the Kizhi island, then lies through the Gryz island, where tourists get acquainted with history of formation of modern relief of Kizhi archipelago, since the ancient times. On this small island it is possible to make out the traces of the last glacier which has descended from the territory of Zaonezhja about 11 thousand years ago – so called the «rams’ foreheads».

The Bolshoy Klimenetsky Island

The tour continues in the villages of the Bolshoy Klimenetsky Island: Sennaya Guba, Petry, Migury, Golikovo – the former possessions of the famous Russian feudal woman Marfa Boretskaya. The highlight of this part of the tour is 4 kilometer foot walk during which visitors get acquainted with the system of the settlements which have preserved up to now, influence of a human on formation of the landscape of the island, the hunting traditions of local inhabitants, flora and fauna of archipelago. During the foot walk tourists may visit historical waterspring in the village of Migury.

The Island of Radkolye

The island of Radkolye is an unique natural and cultural object – a place where the tour is continued. Here visitors may learn about the origin of the name of the island, about local beliefs and the traditions connected with this place, about peculiar flora of island, about traditions of gathering of herbs. Here - on a halt, tourists will get acquainted with main lines of ecological investigations which are carried out by Kizhi museum within the limits of the program of ecological monitoring.

The island of Radkolye is the last point of the tour after which tourists return to the Kizhi island.

// Nature of the Kizhi Skerries

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