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Map of the itinerary «Nature of the abandoned Village»Map of the itinerary «Nature of the abandoned Village»The Chapel of Paraskeva Pjatnitsa and Varlaam KhutynskyBiology students making a pathMoss-capsules - capsules on stalks in which spores of mosses ripen

Recently tourist business in the area Kizhi skerries develops more intensively – hotels are being opened, people have an opportunity to spend several days near Kizhi island. The inquisitive visitors of the museum which are familiar with services of the main exposition of the museum, have a need for new tours and itineraries. In this conditions the Kizhi museum cannot stand aside. The favourable service are ecological tours – original immersions in wildlife. And since in the museum there is already an often visited popular tour of «Kishi necklace», the possible way of development of it is addition of small parts about nature of the territories where monuments of wooden architecture are situated and where landing of visitors is most comfortable.

The first suitable stop is the former village of Podyelniki. The Ecological path developed by the Department of preservation and monitoring of a natural heritage together with students and teachers of ecology-biological department of Petrozavodsk State University is adjusted for independent visiting.

Tourists are offered to visit 11 special points on which information stands are established. On the itinerary our visitors will get acquainted with various types of forests, marsh vegetation, rare kinds of trees and human influence on formation of landscapes. Almost each stand contains the information not only on the nature, but also some ethnographic articles.

Welcome to our ecological path "The Nature of the abandoned village"

The itinerary lies on the territory of the former village of Podyelniki which had existed here during several centuries. In the beginning of the XX century, there were 7 homesteads and 71 inhabitants. Unfortunately, in 1985 the last dwelling house has burned down. As well as in many settlements in Zaonezhye, in the village of Podelniki there was a place of worship. The chapel of Paraskeva Pjatnitsa and Varlaam Hutynsky, is nowadays undoubtedly one of the most remarkable pearls of the Kizhi necklace. In creation of this fantastic image a considerable role play the grove of age-old fur-trees, small meadows with the junipers, alternating with forests, the hilly relief of land.[текст с сайта музея-заповедника "Кижи":]

The signs of intensive long agricultural development can be seen on all the territory. These were mainly arable lands and haymakings. As a rule small-leaved woods and cleaned fields were turned into pastures. In the end of XX century people have abandoned the village of Podyelniki and since then the nature lays claims to this territory more and more.

We invite you to take tour, to get acquainted with the nature of this fascinating corner of the Kizhi skerries and to try to imagine the life of local peasants which lasted here during three last three centuries.

The itinerary is 2 km long. The path is designated by badges with the image an elm-leaf.

On the territory it is forbidden to make fires, to leave garbage, to frighten wood-goblins, water-spirits, and others of the same kind.

// Nature of the Kizhi Skerries

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