The Report on Preservation of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (Kizhi Pogost, C 544) in 2011 Vkontakte@kizhi

Authors of the report

Popov N.L., Deputy Director of Restoration of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (general management of the report preparation, editing all sections of the report). Glueshko I.M., Principal specialist of the Department of Preparation and Provision for Restoration of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (preparation of materials and texts for sections II, III). Kuusela A.S., Principal engineer of the Department of Preparation and Provision for Restoration of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (report preparation, report design, computer graphics, layout, design). Ljubimtsev A.Yu., Chief custodian of the museum monuments (preparation of materials for section I). Nabokova O.A., Acting chief curator of the museum collections (preparation of materials for item 2.4).


Director of the Kizhi Museum Elvi Averyanova

Dear colleagues!

The following annual broadened report concerns measures of maintenance of the World Heritage Site — Kizhi Pogost in 2011.

We have completed a large amount of work on preservation of the Kizhi Pogost ensemble and on restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration thanks to long–term preparatory works that had been done previously.

Contacts with the World Heritage Committee are of great importance in the restoration process, namely two reactive monitoring UNESCO–ICOMOS missions to Kizhi in 2011. Mission experts developed certain suggestions and recommendations which we have used in our work.

The most important event of the year was the continuation of restoration works on the Church of the Transfiguration. The church log walls have been suspended successfully, the lower, VIIth and partly VIth restoration tiers have been dismantled, the underground part of the church foundation has been build, restoration works on the church ground floor have been accomplished in the restoration complex. Restorers have a modern, specially equipped restoration complex set at their disposal, thus they are able to restore accurately and thoroughly each separate element as well as the monument in the whole.

The development of the World Heritage Site Management Plan has started, and this is another noteworthy event. The requirements specifications for this document have been made, and the Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Center has set to work. The museum plans to complete this work in 2012 and submit the document to UNESCO–ICOMOS experts for consideration.

Large–scale works on the development of museum infrastructure were going on in 2011, and that will help to improve the territory around the Kizhi Museum and the surroundings of Kizhi Pogost.

The authors of this report expect your suggestions, remarks and wishes and will be thankful for your collaboration in preservation of the World Heritage Site.

Elvi Averyanova, Director of the Kizhi Museum

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