The Detailed Report on the Restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Pogost in 2012 Vkontakte@kizhi

Authors of the report

The Detailed Report on Preservation of Kizhi Pogost Monuments in 2012

Popov N.L., Deputy Director of Restoration of immovable monuments and Kizhi Pogost Monuments (general management of the report preparation; editing all sections of the report)

Ljubimtsev A.Yu., Chief custodian of immovable monuments (preparation of materials for section I)

Kuusela A.S., leadind engineer of the Department of Preparation and Provision for Restoration of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (preparation of materials for section II; report preparation; report design; computer graphics)


Director of the Kizhi Museum Elvi Averyanova

Dear colleagues,

The following annual broadened report deals with measures of maintenance of the World Heritage Site - Kizhi Pogost in 2012.

Thanks to the long-term work that had been done previously, we managed to do a lot for preservation of the Kizhi Pogost ensemble and restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration.

Contacts with the World Heritage Committee, The Ministry of Culture of RF, The Government of Karelia Republic and other state authorities were of considerable importance in this process.

The most important event of the year was the continuation of restoration work on the Church of the Transfiguration. The lower part of the monument was restored during the winter and set on its original foundation, and the church started to grow skywards! Thus, the concept of restoring the monument by removing restoration tiers one by one without complete disassembly has been proved in practice. The first stage of restoration has been completed and the second one, which is the basic one, has been started. It concerns the restoration of the church proper by removing and reassembling separate elements in line with the approved technologies.

The development of the World Heritage Site Management Plan has been completed, and this is another noteworthy event. In 2013, the Museum plans to submit the document to UNESCO-ICOMOS experts for consideration. This is the first experience of this kind in the Russian Federation.

Large-scale works on the development of museum infrastructure were going on in 2012, and that will help to improve the territory around the Kizhi Museum and the surroundings of Kizhi Pogost.

All of the basic activities are financed and implemented according to 'The Plan of Measures for Protection of Kizhi Pogost and Development of Infrastructure of the Kizhi Federal Museum of Architecture and Cultural History' approved by the Decree of the government of RF 1663-p as of 07.11.2008.

The authors of this report expect your suggestions, remarks and wishes and will be thankful for your collaboration in preservation of the World Heritage Site.

The Open-Air Museum Kizhi Director E.V.Averyanova

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