The Detailed Report on the Restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Pogost in 2013 Vkontakte@kizhi

Under the general editorship of

he Detailed Report on Preservation of Kizhi Pogost Monuments in 2013

D. Lugovoy, Deputy-Director of the Kizhi Museum

Compiled by

Olga Bukchina, Leading Specialist of the World Heritage Site Management Unit of the Kizhi Open Air Museum

Dmitriy Diugai, Head of the Information and Marketing Department of the Kizhi Open Air Museum

The Report is made on materials prepared by the Kizhi Museum staff members (L. Gavrilyuk, D. Diugai, D. Kocherina, A. Kozlov, M. Kochetigova, A. Kuusela, D. Lugovoy, S. Ludanik, A. Lyubimtsev, A. Maksimov, I. Melnikov, O. Nabokova, T. Nezvitskaya, T. Pavlova, A. Sbitnev, N. Sedneva, V. Sokolova, O. Titova)

Translated into English by: T. Brygina, O. Bukchina, A. Isaev.


The Kizhi Open Air Museum Director A. V. Nelidov

Dear colleagues!

The following annual expanded report deals with measures of maintenance of the World Heritage Site „Kizhi Pogost“ in 2013.

The 37th session of the World Heritage Committee was held in 2013. It noted the progress made in conservation and protection of the Church of the Transfiguration and the Church of the Intercession on the island of Kizhi. At the same time, the Committee gave the recommendations on the WHS Management Plan adjustment, improvement of the monuments security systems and formulation of the guidelines for restoration and conservation works. The Committee’s recommendations as well as the proposals made at the workshop, which was specially organized in Petrozavodsk and which involved the participation of a UNESCO expert, were included in the WHS „Kizhi Pogost“ draft Management Plan. The work on the project is going on. It involves independent experts, academic institutions and NGOs.

In addition to solving these fundamental tasks, the museum continued carrying out unique in scale, complexity and technological innovations restoration on the Church of the Transfiguration and fully performed the planned scope of works.

Besides, throughout the year they have being elaborated the draft development concept of the Kizhi Museum. The concept is based on the principle of the Property Universal Outstanding Value preservation including conservation and revitalization of the historical landscape and creation of conditions for the sustainable development of the area. Among other things, the document answers many questions raised by UNESCO. For example, the draft concept envisages strengthening of the monuments security system, regulation of land issues, formation of the buffer zone and so on. In the future, the project could become the basis for a new development programme of the Kizhi Museum. The draft concept is also based on the action plan for the conservation of the Kizhi ensemble and the Kizhi Museum infrastructure development. Vladimir Putin signed the plan in 2008. It provides consistent achievement of the goals set by the Plan.

At the same time in 2013, they elaborated the development concept of the Zaonezhie tourism cluster and the master plan of the Velikaya Guba rural settlement. The WHS buffer zone territory is located within the Zaonezhie cluster and the Velikaya Guba settlement boundaries. The documents were developed in constant contact and interaction with the Kizhi Museum. In order to conserve the WHS OUV the requirements of the international and Russian legislation in the field of the cultural and natural heritage protection were taken into account. When considering all the requirements of the museum, the documents should become an effective conservation tool of the WHS authenticity and integrity in the development of the surrounding area.

The authors of this report expect your suggestions, remarks and wishes and will be thankful for your collaboration in conservation of the World Heritage Site.

The Kizhi Open Air Museum Director A. V. Nelidov

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