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The educational and training center on wooden architecture conservation of the “Kizhi” museum invites you to learn the secrets of Zaonezhie hereditary restorers’ skill

The educational and training center on wooden architecture conservation is eager to welcome you on Kizhi Island, the Island of beauty, harmony, transfiguration and unique architecture monuments.

You will have a chance not only to see how our restores give the new lease of life to the Church of the Transfiguration and other wooden architecture monuments using the ancient craftsmanship and the latest technology but also be able to program your visit to the Island with the elements of cultural and outdoor activities.

The educational and training center on wooden architecture conservation was established on the base of the unique experience of the restoration of one of the symbols of Russia - the Church of the Transfiguration. The highest level of professional skills of the museum restorers has been recognized by domestic and foreign experts.

The main objectives of the educational and training center are:

The physical infrastructure of the center is:

Our training programs are aimed at both professionals who will be able to raise the level of their skill and to get acquainted with all the subtleties of the restoration of the wooden architecture monuments, and at those who have just started to comprehend the secrets of carpentry.

The training includes both theoretical and practical training under the guidance of our experienced craftsmen based on specially equipped workshops on Kizhi Island.

We have developed the modular training program that allows you to combine your training program in accordance with your interests and duration of your visit.

We can also compose a special internship program for specialists.

We are flexible and try to meet all your wishes and requirements in the formation of the program.

We also use:

Our students will have a chance to participate in the restoration projects on the real wooden architecture monuments and in the Restoration workshop on Kizhi Island.

The center cooperates with Russian and foreign colleagues.

Please, contact us:
Titova Olga, chief of the WHS service, +7 (8142) 79-98-14, e-mail:
Kuznetsova Ksenia, manager of the WHS unit, +7 (8142) 79-98-20, e-mail:

Please note, that we strongly recommend to apply for and to book an accommodation in advance. Please, contact us to get the invaluable advice how to reach us and what to pack for your journey to the Island.

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