PART 3. «Implementation of measures taken to protect and maintain the Church of the Intercession of the Kizhi Pogost» Vkontakte@kizhi

Restoration of the roof of the Church...

photo 15. The restoration of the domes and roof of the Church of the Intercession in progress.

Restoration of the roof of the Church of the Intercession has been performed during this year and is still in progress. These works are implemented according to suggestions on preventive and maintenance work developed by the Kizhi Museum and in compliance with permission №11-14/647 issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia on the 22 of October, 2008. The conservation works, on the condition that they are done in time, may protect the monument from leaks.

The restoration of the central dome and two eastern satellite domes of the octagonal part of the church was accomplished in 2009. The tightness of roofing and joints was restored; part of shingles and crosses was replaced.

The next stage of heat treatment of lesion focus of wood-boring beetle has been implemented. Thus, up to date all of the most serious lesion focuses of wood-boring beetle on the church log walls have been treated with heat. Treatment of the roofing of the church proper is planned for 2010. In 2009, «Spetsprojectrestavratsiya» Institute (Saint-Petersburg) accomplished the complex inspection of the church constructive elements and I-st stage of the restoration in line with the contract with the Kizhi Museum, which implies restoration of the roofing, domes, log walls of the church proper, and the church porch. These works will be done by the «Carpenter’s center» of the Kizhi Museum.

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