The Detailed Report on Preservation of Kizhi Pogost Monuments (Kizhi Pogost, C 544) in 2009 Vkontakte@kizhi


The Kizhi Museum Director E.V.Averyanova

Dear colleagues, The following broadened report concerns measures of maintenance of Kizhi Pogost, and it is made within the bounds of recommendations announced on the 32–33 sessions of ICOMOS UNESCO.

This report consists of four parts. First part «Measures of Kizhi Pogost Maintenance» is dedicated to the issues of the site management, positioning of protected zones, protection from emergency situations, complex monitoring of the monuments condition, environment and landscape protection, research into the history of Pogost, tour-guiding activities done in the museum, information support, development of the museum infrastructure and financing provision for the works done.

Second part describes the implementation of measures of complex restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior.It details measures of the preparatory period and implementation of the main restoration works that started in 2009.

Third part describes measures of maintenance and protection of the Church of the Intercession of Holy Mary done by the Kizhi Museum in 2009.

Forth part enumerates measures of maintenance and protection of the Bell Tower of the Kizhi Pogost.

It is positive that the Government of the Russian Federation understands the importance of protection of the Kizhi Pogost — one of the World Cultural Heritage sites — and approved the order № 1633-р as of 07.11.2008: «Plan of measures for protection of Kizhi Pogost and development of infrastructure of the Kizhi Federal Museum of Architecture and Cultural History. «As it follows from this order, budgetary funds to the total amount of 396, 2 mln.RUB have been allocated for the restoration and complex protection of Kizhi Pogost monuments in 2009–2014, including 316, 9 mln.RUB for the complex restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration. No doubt, such unprecedented efforts of the Government of the Russian Federation to further the development of the museum will make it possible to improve standards of our work and protect Cultural Heritage sites according to world standards.

The authors of this report expect fair and unprejudiced consideration and will be thankful for expressing suggestions and wishes.

December 25, 2009 // The Open-Air Museum Kizhi Director E.V.Averyanova

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