Фестиваль традиционного судостроения и судоходства «Кижская регата-2017» Vkontakte@kizhi

Дата: 4 августа — 6 августа 2017Google-календарь
Место: Музей-заповедник «Кижи» (о. Кижи)

First information letter

Kizhi Museum invites you to participate in XIX Kizhi Regatta, International Festival of Traditional Shipbuilding and Navigation August 1-6, 2017. The Festival is aimed at maintaining traditional shipbuilding and navigation, promotion of healthy lifestyle, and development of water tourism.

Kizhi Regatta is one of the most remarkable holidays on Kizhi Island. The annual Festival started 18 years ago and since then it has become international, well-known and recognized around Russia, it has gathered loyal supporters and participants from the Republic of Karelia, other Russian regions, and abroad.

In 2017 within Kizhi Regatta there will be traditional activities by the Russian Youth Center of Traditional Shipbuilding and Navigation, contest of vernacular shipbuilding, celebratory boat races on Kizhi Island and Velikaya Guba village.

1-5 August, 2017. Kizhi Island
Second session of the Russian Youth Center of Traditional Shipbuilding and Navigation
4 August, 2017. Kizhi Island, Kizhi Harbor
Shipbuilding contest “Vernacular Boat”
5 August, 2017. Kizhi Island, Kizhi Harbor
Celebratory race of kizhanka boats and other traditional boats
6 August, 2017. Velikaya Guba village
Celebratory boat race on Velikaya Guba village Anniversary

Please submit your applications for participation before 1 July 2017 to e-mails: holiday@kizhi.karelia.ru and eglovo@gmail.com (please forward your application to both e-mails). Upon receipt of the application you will receive detailed information about the festival and contests.

Dear participants and partners!
In 2018 Kizhi Regatta celebrates its 20th Anniversary!
We kindly ask you to make up and forward to us your suggestions on its program!

Department for museum events, projects, and programs
Address: 15 Fedosovoy st., Petrozavodsk
Tel.: (8142) 799869, 799880
E-mail: holiday@kizhi.karelia.ru
Contact persons: Tatiana Kovalchuk, Marina Nozhenko.

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