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Historic quarters

The Old TownThe house which previously belonged to forestry officer Kutchevsky

Petrozavodsk is one of the few cities where some of the historic quarters from the XIX c. survived until today.

The research into the wooden residential buildings started in the 1970-s. Three hundred buildings were inspected, and thirty-two those that feature historic and architectural values were selected for stocktaking. The management of the historic quarters located between Kuybishev, Fedosovoy, Malaya Slobodskaya streets and Neglinka embankment has been stipulated by the master plan for Petrozavodsk development since the 1970-s.

The City Council involved the Kizhi Museum into the quarters revival since early 1990-s. So far, several buildings in the historic quarters have been restored due to the efforts of the Kizhi Museum.

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