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In the historic quarter of Petrozavodsk are situated several monuments of architecture Kizhi museum.

Petrozavodsk is one of the few cities where historic dwelling houses of XIX century, one of the most interesting periods of history, – have preserved up till now.

The regular layout of Petrozavodsk created by Peter the First was completed in early XX century. Therefore wooden urban houses of XIX - early XX centuries not only mirror the historically established townspeople’s housing and living conditions, but also represent certain principles of architectural formation of these conditions during the period under review.

The historic quarter represents the particular designs of that time with preservation of historically developed situation are considered. The quarter is located in a beauty spot on the territory of the Suburb, facing Onega Lake and one of the main streets of the city – Yeremeyev street.

One of the monument houses, the house of Kuchevsky, is now the administration building of Kizhi museum.

The house of Lazarev - a one-storeyed oblong wooden building with a rectangular passage in the inner yard on the western facade, and a covered porch in the center of the eastern facade. Three windows are asymmetrically arranged on the main facade of the house. The house has enfilade layout of premises.
The house of Lazarev is built of logs notched at the corners with the log ends protruding beyond the corners of each wall, with horizontal board siding, stands on a strip rubble foundation, has a hipped roof covered with sheet iron.

The corners of the house are decorated with attached columns with oblong rhombuses on them. Windows cases are made of profiled boards. On two lateral windows of the reception room are preserved initial triangular pediments.

The walls of the house are papered on the inside.

The building of the former municipal hospital is a one-storeyed rectangular wooden structure with two rows of rooms separated by a corridor. The main entrance is on the northeastern facade. A rectangular toilet covered with a gable roof with a triangular pediment is attached to the southeastern facade.

The structure is built of logs notched at the corners with the log ends protruding beyond the corners of each wall, planked, has a hipped roof covered with sheet iron.

The front entrance is a sheathed tambour covered with a gable roof and triangular pediment on the main facade. Several steps lead to semicircular double doors with lights.

Walls of a building are planked on the outside and painted ochre. The window sills of large oblong rectangular windows are made of profiled boards. A horizontal belt is attached to all the facades under the window sills, the walls are topped with simple eaves. The structure has a stone foundation.

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